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Japan Training Course Inspires SGI Canada Participants

By Dwight Rudisuela, Ottawa


From July 2-9, SGI Canada sent eight participants to the Summer SGI Training Course in Japan. As one participant said, "I felt as though each day was part of a process of intense personal transformation." 

They began by visiting some of the centres in Tokyo which had a deep historical connection with President Ikeda, Bunkyo and Ota. 

They met Soka Gakkai General Director Mr. Hasegawa, who is the personal secretary of President Ikeda. His warmth and youthful passion demonstrated how Mr. Ikeda has successfully transmitted the legacy of love between mentor and disciple to those with whom he works most closely. 

They assisted at the Soka Gakkai Reception Centre, where each day thousands of members come with letters to President Ikeda.           

They attended the Hall of the Great Vow where they were able to reconfirm the determination to devote one's life to creating a peaceful society. 

They later travelled to the southern part of Japan to Kyushu to attend the 36th Headquarters leaders meeting and have an exchange with members from Fukuoka. 


The high points of the course, for me, were the two opportunities to work with Japanese members. At the Reception Centre in Tokyo, where we were assisted staff as they welcomed members from all over Japan and in Kyushu, after the exchange meeting, where we spent time individually with members and their guests. 

These two encounters were very emotional -- they were a glimpse of what our lives might be like in the world of Bodhisattva: completely open and honest, deeply respectful of others, absolutely focused on other people’s happiness. I am eager to keep these memories alive and apply them in my daily life. (Glenn T., Ottawa)  

Throughout our seven-day odyssey, we were vividly reminded of what it means to practise in a genuinely humanistic organization, as well as how powerful our sincere recitation of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo can be, enabling us to transform even seemingly impossible situations. For me, this was a journey of discovery of the infinite power of the human heart. (Eugene A., Montreal) 

I travelled to Japan seeking to understand what it truly means to be a Bodhisattva of the Earth. I have whole heartedly embraced Buddhist practice in the SGI since I joined in 2000 and I strive every day to give my best in my profession as a dancer, in my home life as a partner, and to support and love my fellow members, family and friends. 

I found my answer through countless aspects of the week long training course. I experienced the power of infectious joy over and over again through interactions with local Soka Gakkai members. 

As I fight to realize my mission as a dancer and person who champions human values, I vow to dedicate my every action to ridding the world of human suffering and stand up to ensure the eternal development of Soka for the sake of all humanity! (Hamilton N., Montreal) 

I feel more united than ever to my mentor President Ikeda. I am so appreciative that I was able to attend this training course and will do my best for kosen-rufu in Canada. (Martha L., Edmonton) 

This SGI Leaders Training Course has been a significant, valuable and meaningful training for me. I was deeply touched by the incredible and undefeated spirit of the Soka Gakkai members in Kyushu. Despite having to face the difficult challenge of the typhoon, they had welcomed us with their bright, warm smiles and cheers and brought their friends to the SGI World Seminar where we had the exchange meeting. I could not hold back my tears. They have shown me the beautiful and unbreakable human spirit! (Janice C.,Toronto)  

This entire training course gave me the impression, as described in the Lotus Sutra, of the emerging of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth, the assembly dancing with joy and the ceremony in the air with their mentor! In order to pay my debt of gratitude to President Ikeda

I am determined to fight alongside President Ikeda to advance kosen-rufu with the spirit of training myself. I am determined to work harder as a part of SGI Canada toward our goal to achieve 10,000 members by November 18, 2018. (Susan T., Vancouver)